About us

The team behind Endurescreens have many years of experience in all aspects of visualization and large immersive environments, including Media entertainment rides, museums & expos, dome theatres & planetariums and much more. We are here to help support your project with our knowledge and provide guidance in other related areas as necessary. Our aim is to provide an efficient and friendly service keeping our customers informed throughout the design, manufacturing and installation processes.


Our factory was established in 2002 in China, then producing only GRP screens. The founder's ethos was to be the best screen manufacturer in China, if not the whole world. They have continuously improved their products and supplied about 200 screens for various pavilions, at the Shanghai Expo 2010. It was also during this period that they started using perforated aluminium screens and again rapidly improved materials, practices and processes to ensure that their products were of the highest quality. By this time, the company was already the best quality screen factory in China, so the Founder decided it was time to expand their reach outside of China, and in 2017 they established Endurescreens Ltd. in Budapest, Hungary, being responsible for global distribution outside of China. This allows us to provide technical design, project management, installation and logistical support to our customers worldwide in the most efficient way.

Engineered in the West managed from Europe and manufactured in China.