Flying Over Indonesia, Trans Studio Bali


The “Flying Over Indonesia” attraction is a flying theatre with a 24.5M diameter projection screen, located in the world-famous destination of Bali, Indonesia. This was our second successful project in the Southeast Asia region. The screen surface is 515m² with an 8° tilt, utilizing our signature Pro+ perforated aluminium product.

As part of the Trans Studio Bali indoor theme park, Flying Over Indonesia is the highlight of this park. The content creator, Super 78, created the high-resolution footage for the breath-taking video using helicopters and drones with 8k digital cameras. The view of the film includes some of the most remote and amazing locations on earth, from the highland of Mt. Bromo to the Prambanan Temple with 300 costumed actors and eight elephants. This flying theatre takes the audience to magnificent sceneries, while enjoying an unforgettable flying experience.

For this project, Dynamic Attractions provided the most up-to-date high-tech flying theatre ride system, and Kraftwerk Living Technology provided the audio-visual system.

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