FlyOver Iceland

Reykjavik / Iceland

FlyOver Iceland is one the most recent projects Endurescreens had accomplished in 2019. This attraction created by Pursuit is becoming another landmark showing an exciting and mysterious world of Iceland. Through this ride, the audience can see the incredible unique nature, history and culture of this stunning country. This immersive attraction is bringing Iceland alive, showing the audience the real beauty of sweeping glaciers, breathtaking fjords and ancient mysteries.

In 2019, Endurescreens supplied this world class high-quality screen to Flyover Iceland project. We assisted the AV system integrator Kraftwerk Living Technologies on designing this screen with our in-house engineering team, making sure that the visuals are at it`s top within a limited space.  As time was of essence, we challenged ourself and it only took us 30 days manufacturing the screen panels as well as the supporting structure. To ensure the highest quality, Endurescreens sent out our most experienced and most efficient installation team on site. With their outstanding skills and many years of experience we had created a highend product! We achieved our high quality goals by having a quality Manager on site during the whole installation and ensure that the final  finish dates stay set.

Pursuit set a milestone in Iceland’s  History and again the creative direction came from Rick Rothschild who took the creative responsibility for these multi-sensory experience. Sensitive programming, special effects, including wind, mist and scents combined with state-of-the-art sound was provided by Kraftwerk Living Technologies who signed responsible for the AV System Integration for another unforgettable experience.

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