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Endurescreens, a specialist in the design, manufacture and installation of world-class projection screens, has secured three new contracts for flying theatre installations to be announced in the US, in what it sees as a strong increase in interest in these very popular attractions, both the US and elsewhere worldwide. This follows the successful installation of 3 flying theatre screens in the US in 2021, completed even with the constraints of the pandemic.

As a growing trend, the company has a wealth of experience in creating flying theatre screens and has been the supplier for several high-profile attractions, working closely with the system integrators and end clients to ensure the quality of the attraction.

“Endurescreens is not only helping to make unforgettable memories for the audience with our amazing solid projection screens but also creating happy clients globally with our world-class products and high-quality services," says Lei Yin, the director of sales at Endurescreens. He continued with "It has always been a great pleasure seeing returning customers, and each time when they tell you how much they like our screens.”

A crucial part of the flying theatre experience

Flying theatres have been entertaining audiences for over two decades, having been introduced by Disney in 2001. This themed entertainment technology and ride experience has since become one of the most popular attraction styles in the entertainment industry, seen in theme parks through to dedicated city attractions and even retail applications.

The illusion of flight is created through ride motion that is synchronized with projected media content on a giant immersive solid screen, while sound and special effects are added to create realistic flying experiences and to add fun. There are many aspects in the design and operation of a flying theatre that are important, but one crucial part is the screen in front of the audience, which has an enormous effect on what the audience sees and the quality of the whole experience.

Endurescreens flying theatre screens help to bring any flying theatre to the next level, thanks to the company's advanced seamless joint technology and high colour uniformity. The company creates smart and economical designs with competitive pricing and delivery time and can also offer customers solutions based on the client's individual requirements. In addition, Endurescreens provides professional project management throughout.

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