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Endurescreens, a leading high end projection screen supplier, announces their most recent project in the heart of Austria/Europe including the debut of their new “Micro Pro - Screen Product” for the European region.

A milestone in Endurescreens history

This new product features Endurescreens new Planetarium Project in the beautiful Tirol region in Austria/Europe. The contract is meaningful for the company, not only because it will be the first project in Europe using the Micro Pro - Screen Product, but also this is their first Planetarium renovation project for them. The new screen will replace the existing Planetarium screen surface and can be easily attached to the existing screen base structure. The project will start at the beginning of next year and it will open the doors to the public before the summer of 2023.

“We have chosen Endurescreens as our screen supplier because of their outstanding quality, first class service at a most reasonable price. In addition, with their new product they will set the benchmark in our industry”, said Axel Krieger, Executive Partner of the Planetarium Schwaz. “We inspected some of their other projects in Europe, and we were impressed by their performance, and how they are taking care of the details. I wasn’t sure about the Micro Pro - Screen Panel at the beginning, as nobody is currently using it in Europe. But as soon as they visited us in Schwaz and showed me the comparison between the Micro Pro – Screen Panel and the regular panel, I immediately decided that we had to have it for our new rebuilt Planetarium”, Krieger continued.

“This is such an exciting project for us” Lei Yin, Director of Global Sales and Business Development of Endurescreens commented as well as “This is a perfect showcase for our world-leading products and services”, he said.

The Micro Pro Screen Panel

Specification Micro Pro:

  • Hole diameter nominal 0.8 mm
  • Nominal hole axis to axis 1.8 mm
  • Nominal void 16%

Higher Image Brightness: This is the smallest perforation you can find in our industry. The smaller holes of our Micro-Perforation-Screen increases the amount of projected light reflected towards your audience, thus the image will be brighter compared to the standard perforated panels with the same projection system.

Higher Resolution possible: Because the perforation is smaller than the standard screen, it is possible to have a higher resolution image with smaller pixels, without losing an entire pixel into a perforated hole as is the case with the standard panels.

Shorter Viewing Distance - Better Image Quality: With our signature seamless joints, custom mini rivet as well as the smaller perforation, we are presenting you a screen that brings your content closer to your audience. Closer distances also help in case of limited space.

NO difference in maintenance: As per our existing seamless product maintenance stays the same.

Visit Micro Pro product page at https://endurescreens.com/micro-pro/, and enjoy a video from Endurescreens with details explained. Or to contact a screen specialist from Endurescreens for a chat office@endurescreens.com.

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