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World leading projection screen supplier Endurescreens’ second-generation projection screens are applying to the HEXaFLITE®mini Mini Flying Theater of the award-winning ride system giant Simtec Systems.

Compared to standard larger scale flying theatres product we normally do; this new mini flying theatre is aiming to provide more flexibility and creativity for attraction developers who are facing space challenges.

This flying theatre is most suitable for smaller venues, such as small shopping malls, museums and science centers, small theatres, cruise ships and as stand-alone attraction, or anywhere else it can fit. The team at Endurescreens and Simtec can assist you with this creative idea and help you to create an exciting flying theatre attraction for your visitors!

Endurescreens flying theatre screen

Endurescreens is a world leading flying theatre screen supplier. The Company provides screen design, engineering, and on-site screen installation services. In the last years they have delivered over 50 flying theatre screens worldwide. The most recent one, is a 14-meter diameter flying theatre screen in the Dominican Republic, which has just been installed on site in December 2022.

The company has also announced a most recent upgrade on projection screen surface.

About the ride system

Together with Simtec, the leading flying theatre supplier with more than 20 installations worldwide, the new product shows a perfect example of how to realize a flying theatre in a limited space.

Simtec’s HEXaFLITE®mini, the new ride system for 4, 8 or 10 passengers, has been specially developed for low ceiling heights of approx. 6 m. The system is available with an electric or hydraulic 6 Degrees of Freedom motion system. It includes SPX like wind, scent, and rain similar to its bigger HEXaFLITE® brothers.

Creating unique flying experience in a limited space

A brand-new product for your soaring dream!

This revolutionary creation proves that even with limited space, previously impossible locations are now possible. Very soon, this flying theatre will become the most mentioned attraction in the market, which represents more space flexibility, energy saving-projection screen project, as well as the new generation of revenue generator for your venue.

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