In 2017, Endurescreens successfully completed the supply and installation of the projection screens for the Voletarium, located in Rust, Germany at Europa Park. The Voletarium attraction has twin flying theatres, each with a screen measuring 21M in diameter and a 400m2 screen surface using Endurescreens signature Pro+ Perforated aluminum product.

This attraction celebrates the technical achievements of the two aviation pioneers “Eckbert” and “Kaspar Eulenstein” and takes visitors on sensational journey over Europe’s most beautiful and fascinating cities and landscapes.

Our client and partner for this project, Kraftwerk Living Technologies, provided the design and supply of the complete audio-visual solution with multiple 4K resolution projectors for each theatre along with surround sound, special effects and overall control systems. Together with our seamless giant screens, this one of a kind flying theater attraction is giving many guests a truly unforgettable experience.

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