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Endurescreens - New Product

Micro Pro Panel Screen

The Micro Pro Screen is an innovative new product developed to improve the image quality for high end applications.

Specification Micro Pro Screen:

  • Hole diameter nominal 0.8 mm
  • Nominal hole axis to axis 1.8 mm
  • Nominal void 16%

Higher Brightness: This is currently the smallest perforation you can find in our industry. The smaller holes of our Micro Pro Screen increase the effective projection surface and this means a brighter image compared to a standard screen. Due to the larger surface area, a lower gain coatings can be applied and with a high lumen output system, this will increase the contrast ratio.

Higher Resolution: Because the perforation of the panel is smaller, the black void (holes) is less and therefore a larger surface area is available for projection. This allows for a smaller pixel size more pixels on the screen, and also means that the Micro Pro can achieve higher resolution compared to a standard screen.

Shorter Viewing Distance - better image quality: With our signature seamless joints, custom mini screws as well as the smaller perforation, we are presenting you a screen that brings your content closer to your audience. Closer distances also help in case of limited space.

Same maintenance: As per our existing seamless product maintenance stays the same.

For more information please click presentation video link.

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