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Endurescreens is announcing the exciting news to our friends and business partners of the new-generation screen surface. With months of research and development, Endurescreens has improved the current screen surface with a new more advanced and more resistant version — a new surface generation. This breakthrough technology is a comprehensive upgrade to our screen surface in all aspects.

Now, you can place your projectors at the most challenging positions

The recently developed screen surface applies to both of our signature products: Pro+ and Micro Pro. The new technology will apply to all our upcoming projects, you will notice the difference the minute you open the panel package.

The screen panels are powder-coated with an ultra-matte finish in our factory this allows for a wide range of reflectivity grades depending on the requirements of the project. We hereby further assure you that with the new technology, a 100% color uniformity is achieved on all our screen products! 

The second-generation gives you more freedom to design and create truly immersive attractions. The ultra-matte finishing allows for a much wider flexibility of projector orientation and projection angle, wide angle lenses up to ultra short throw ratios, on the smoothest and most uniform surface. The second-generation coating structure features enhanced center to edge uniformity, color accuracy and high contract preservation.

Longer durability and easier maintenance, up to 15 years color fidelity guaranteed

Endurescreens is devoted in developing environment friendly products and providing sustainable projection screen solutions. The New-generation of the screen surface has stronger and thicker properties, this makes the panel even  more durable than previous versions. With our new technology there is no need to repaint the screen surface due to color fidelity for up to 15 years, we guarantee it.

Screen maintenance is also much easier with the new-generation screen surface. We have upgraded its resistibly to physical damage. In practice, a light scratch on the surface even with a knife will not leave any marks. The cleaning of the screen is rather easy, you just need to wipe off the dust from the screen or use water for the dirty areas.

The new screen surface specs

  • Perforation applied: 0.8 mm, 1.5 mm
  • Panel thickness after painting: 1.1 mm 
  • Void: 20%-23%
  • Screen gain: 0.3-0.8


The new-generation screen surface applies to many types of rides, here we have a few for the most used application:

  • Dome Theatres
  • Flying Theatres
  • Dark Rides
  • Planetarium& Museums
  • Immersive Tunnels

The team behind Endurescreens has many years of experience in all aspects of visualization and large immersive environments. We are here to help and support your project with our knowledge and provide guidance in other related areas as necessary.

For more information, please click here.

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